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Your physician has scheduled you to have an endoscopy procedure at LGEC. Here is a brief explanation of what to expect when you come to our center. Please call us at 337-289-8249 if you have any additional questions.


The most important thing a patient can do to make sure they receive a high quality examination is to follow the instructions given by your physician’s office regarding preparation for a colonoscopy; any medications that should not be taken prior to procedure; and not to eat or drink anything after the time indicated. Failure to follow any of these instructions properly can cause the procedure to be delayed, postponed, or cancelled. You are at risk for complications from the procedure or sedation if you eat or drink after the specified time. Please contact your physician’s office if you do not understand the prep instructions. Call the center for instructions prior to arrival if you are scheduled for a colonoscopy, followed your prep instructions and are still passing brown liquid or formed stool – this indicates the prep is NOT adequate.

Call your physician to reschedule if you have any symptoms of illness (fever, flu, chills, aches, cough, colored nasal drainage or open/draining skin lesions) on the day of your procedure. The family member or driver who comes with you should also be free from any sign of contagious illness.


Make sure that you arrive at your designated time. You must have someone available to drive you home after your procedure – you are unable to drive due to the sedation you will receive. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to get off and on. Wear or bring socks with you – it is cold in the procedure rooms. Keep your schedule clear of any other obligations on the day of your procedure. Our goal is to have you in and out of the facility within 2 – 3 hours, but things can happen beyond our control to prevent that. Bring only one person (your designated driver) with you to the center. Space is limited in the waiting room as several physicians work here at the same time. Bring all necessary forms and documents with you for registration purposes. Please leave valuables (jewelry, money, etc.) at home.


A nurse will call you from the waiting room into the patient care area. She will complete your documentation and have you sign consent forms. Then you will be taken to the prep area, changed into a gown, assisted to a stretcher, and prepared for your procedure. An IV will be started as an access line for your sedation and also to hydrate you due to fasting and prep routines. The Anesthesiologist will speak with you to get an anesthesia history and answer any questions regarding the sedation you will receive. When it is time for your case, you will be rolled on your stretcher into a procedure room and be connected to monitors that record your vital signs (blood pressure, oxygen level and EKG) continually while you are sedated. In the procedure room, you will meet the team that will be working with your physician. When your physician comes into the room, he will talk with you for a few minutes and answer any remaining questions you may have. You will then be asked to turn on your left side and be gradually sedated. After you are asleep, the procedure will begin.


The next thing you know, you will wake up in recovery – you will not even realize that your procedure was done! You will remain in recovery for 30-45 minutes as you wake up and then be allowed to get dressed. Next, you will be escorted to the discharge area and the person who brought you will meet you there. It is good to have someone with you because, due to the sedation, you may not remember what is explained. Your physician will speak with you before you leave and give you the preliminary findings of your exam. If any biopsies or polyps were removed, the physician’s office will call you when pathology results are received. You will be given written discharge instructions, any new prescriptions and/or instructions regarding starting or stopping any current medication and any special diet instructions.


You will be escorted to your vehicle by a staff member. You should go home and rest for the remainder of the day. Resume your normal diet, unless instructed differently at discharge. You will be given a card in a self-addressed, stamped envelope before you leave the center. Please complete it and mail back to us on the day following your procedure – it is our notification of your condition after you returned home. In addition, call us if you have any signs or symptoms of infection (fever, cough, redness or pain at IV site) within a week of your procedure. We also give out random patient satisfaction surveys (you can also fill one out here on the website) – if you received one, please take a couple of minutes to complete and return in self-addressed, stamped envelope. We use the feedback and comments/suggestions received to improve our patient encounters in the center.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide your service. We hope you, your family, and friends will consider us for any future endoscopy needs.

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